Extreme Energy

beehiveThe Coal Action Network campaigns against coal mining and combustion. Opencast coal is a form of extreme energy, extreme energies are normally none conventional methods of extracting fuels for generating electricity which are unsustainable, other include biofuels, fracking, tar sands and nuclear. These fuels use large amounts of energy to extract only slightly more fuel and are extremely damaging to the environment and people living near to them.

In reaction to criticism of fossil fuels and to ‘the energy crisis’, nuclear, biomass and natural/unconventional gas are being suggested as alternatives to carbon intensive coal. While the Coal Action Network focuses on coal, we feel it is necessary to point out that in no way do we support any of these destructive industries as alternatives or replacements.

For more info on why nuclear power is a bad idea see the Stop Nuclear Power Network UK

For information on the impacts of biomass and biofuels see Biofuelwatch

National campaign against unconventional gas and oil extraction, see Frack Off

The UK Tar Sands Network campaign against this type of energy in Canada

No technofix or industry-based solution will get us out of the mess we’re in without a substantial change in the way our society is organised. First of all we need a serious reduction in the energy we use, and we need to empower communities to make their own decisions about where their energy comes from, embracing small-scale and decentralised generation. But decisions on real solutions aren’t for the experts, politicians or even campaigners to make – they’re for everyone to make and feel ownership over collectively, in our communities and workplaces.