Do we really know where our electricity comes from?

In 2015, 24% of the electricity produced in the UK came from coal fired power stations, but what do we really know about this industry? This report aims to “follow the coal” in order to expose the impacts on people and the environment that the coal burned in UK power stations is responsible for. It includes stories told by the communities most affected by it, and tracks a supply chain that starts in Russia, Colombia, the USA, and the UK’s own coal fields, before travelling many miles, and often through many hands, to UK power stations, and then on to the National Grid and into homes and businesses.

Now is an important time to push for a complete coal phase out as soon as is practically achievable. Energy companies need to make decisions now about whether or not to keep their old coal fired power stations online, or close them for good. This report calls for coal fired power stations to be closed for good.

The Report

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Report Summary

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International Coal Infrastructure Map