Coal phase-out consulation

The UK government ran a consultation in Jan-Feb 2017 looking at proposals to phase-out coal in 2025.

Ten reasons why the fight to ditch coal isn’t over

“This is not a coal phase-out which meets the urgent needs of communities in the UK and abroad. It does not do enough to safeguard public health or workers’ rights. Even if it did, the government’s continued handouts to coal-fired power stations and lack of firm commitment in this plan mean there is potential for a 2025 phase-out to not be enacted.”

We, and ally organisations, submitted evidence describing the impacts of coal mining in Russia, Colombia and the UK.

 Coal Action Network’s submission to the coal phase-out Download

Jo Syz submitted his outstanding film Transition Coal

London Mining Network submission

United Valleys Action Group consultation submission

Scottish Opencast Communities Alliance Download Consultation-response-from-the-Scottish-Opencast-Communities-Alliance

Reclaim the Power submission. Download RTP-Response-to-Coal-Consultation

Two groups in Russia have also made submissions to the consultation they can be read here:


At Coal Action Network, we know coal has to be ditched sooner.   We asked  groups to respond to the question of what can help us ditch coal sooner?

Fuel Poverty Action made a submission which highlights how if the government put serious policies in place to improve demand reduction, including energy efficiency, then coal could be ditched much sooner. Download  FPA-Response-to-coal-consultation

1010 wrote clarifying how government is financially supporting coal while slashing support for wind.
wind power can help us beat coal’  Download