Buried Sunshine

Buried Sunshine is a solo performance based on testimonies of people in Colombia.

Nubia is optimistic and proud but will her reminiscing help her village to unite against the mine or is she clinging to a past that is gone? The children in Carmen’s village are sick from the dust and Carmen is seriously seething but there are risks if she says too much. Hernando narrowly escapes death and now he knows that god has made him invincible. El Canoso is a criminal turned whistleblower and he is prepared to name some serious names if it gets him what he wants.

The play is directed by Dave Lovatt. We are touring the UK. If you want to host a performance please contact scarlet@coalaction.noflag.org.uk. It works as a stand along piece or as part of a workshop.

More footage of Buried Sunshine performed inside the opencast mine can be seen in Reel News film here (at 14mins)

Some audience comments:

“It blew me away”

“incredible, you told not just this story but the thousands more like it”

“Working as an academinc I’m constantly frustrated by the way we limit how we express ourselves: we use inaccessible, specialist language and we perform only in the half-life spaces of classrooms and conferences. As an activist, I am similarily often disappointed with our unimaginative presentations. That’s why it’s so refreshing to hear Scarlet perform the story of an oppressed Colombian village in a marquee at a protest camp, using poetic language and drama to bring our understandings to life, to change the rhythm of how we understand.”

“the thing that attracted me most was that the actor had met the people who’s words she performed. Through watching this play, I gained an insight into the lives of people who I would otherside have no contact with, and whom I would struggle to understand.”

“I loved how Scarlet channelled her personal experience and passion for positive change and social justice by truly bringing her own first hand experiences to the stage.  She shows us how it is worth standing up for the things we firmly believe in.  That passion is a force.  That there is hope.  And that so called ordinary folk can challenge very powerful, wealthy organisations.”

“I loved that it is a one woman piece, both powerful, dramatic but also intimate. Found it very moving as it is and you are so gutsy and heartfelt.  Also liked as a structure the shifting between commenting and between languages and the words of the people affected.”