Letters needed to support campaign against opencast
October 7, 2016

Want to help stop an opencast in the UK? The British site in Torfaen, South Wales should be taken back into public ownership and remediate without the need of opencast mining.

The local campaign are asking for letters to support the case for real remediation without coal mining. Please feel free to copy and paste the following, adding anything you feel relevant or taking away anything you do not agree with. Thanks to Lynda Clarkson and We Say No To Varteg Open Cast Mining for writing this…

Please send your emails as soon as possible to Correspondence.carl.sargeant@gov.wales including full name and address with postcode.
Please cc to Duncan.Smith@torfaen.gov.uk and/or Lynne.Neagle@assembly.wales

Dear Minister,

I am writing in support of Torfaen County Borough Council’s request for funding to enable them to take The British Site (SA05 of TCBC LDP) back into public ownership and to remediate the land, bringing it back into use as a leisure amenity, by the creation of a Community Hydroelectricity Generation Scheme, Wildlife Reserve and for small scale housing clusters where appropriate.
Talk of regeneration of The British has been ongoing for nearly 40 years with successive private owners failing to deliver various schemes. The area has suffered greatly from the uncertainty caused by the threat of opencast mining and the negative impacts this creates for the area’s economy, house prices, making it less attraction to new residents and reduced public confidence. The joint proposal by TCBC, Gwent Wildlife Trust and The British Liaison Group is the best chance we have ever had of ensuring the site is remediated for the benefit of the area, future generations, biodiversity and the environment.
I ask that you look favourably on TCBC’s proposal and grant the funding necessary for this innovative and sustainable proposal to be undertaken.

Best wishes,