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May 31, 2016

The application to mine coal at the Varteg in South Wales has been withdrawn by the coal company Glamorgan Power.

Glamorgan power were seeking permission to extract 256,000 tonnes of coal 30 meters from houses and 120 meters away from Ysgol Bryn Onnen, primary school.

The application was withdrawn by the company from planning before determination was given due to the excellent objections about the harm it may cause to Blaenafon World Heritage Site; destruction of one of the few intact inclines left in Wales and unnatural landscape any reclamation scheme would have produced in an area of importance to Welsh heritage.

This application was refused in 2011 and subject to an appeal by Glamorgan Power. The coal company lost the appeal in November 2013. A new application was submitted in 2014 and finally it was withdrawn on 27th May 2016.

Local community campaigners have tirelessly fought against applications on this site for twelve years.

Campaigners are still fighting other applications for inappropriate development in their area. Such as a quarry at the Canyon/ Tir pentwys Cut which would destroy an ancient woodland if approved. See for more info. Local people are still concerned about the sale of the British, a former colliery and steel works where as there has previously been an application to mine coal on this site.

The Coal Action Network offers our congratulations to everyone who has fought this application every step of the way.


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