Object to Hilltop Project Coal mine – Letters needed
February 4, 2016

[Copied from a Hilltop Action Group email]

Site Notices have now been put up on telegraph poles around the proposed site and letters sent to residents living nearest to the site boundary giving details of the consultation period.

The notices state that representations should be submitted by 4 March 2016.

However, we understand that all objections submitted to the original application will be carried forward to this new application.

We have now had a good read through all the many documents in the new application and have found no really significant changes. Fortunately Provectus have highlighted all the amendments in red, as they were requested to do, which made the task easier.

Apart from clarification of some anomalies in the previous documents the only real change is the relocation of the site offices to the rear of Hilltop Farm rather than in the Incomol buildings.

Bearing this in mind, there is probably no need for everyone to resubmit objections. However, if you have new concerns or wish to emphasise that your previous objections still stand, you can submit your comments in the same way as before. Also, if you always meant to send in an objection but didn’t get around to it you now have another opportunity.

Click here to see the instructions for submitting objections. (Remember to use the new application code: CM4/1215/125)

We anticipate that the DCC Planning Department will want to process this as quickly as possible. So, unless there are any major problems, the application is likely to be put to the April or possibly May Planning Committee Meeting for a decision.

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Thank you for your support.