Ditch Coal – new report highlights the social justice issues of the coal industry
January 18, 2016

Our new report Ditch Coal, follows the coal from the mines where it is extracted, along a network of roads, rivers, ports & railways to were it is burnt in the UK’s 12 remaining coal fired power stations. Coal’s impact on climate change gets far more attention than the equally compelling social justice arguments for stopping using coal. Ditch Coal follows the social justice story.

Download Ditch Coal and infographics here, or read the two page summary.

Ditch Coal concludes that regardless from where coal is sourced, the negative impacts of its extraction on communities and their environment, heavily supports the argument that the UK must choose a swift and total phase out of coal now.

A quick end to coal power is not what the UK government envisages, rather it wants to consult on the issue and may phase it out in ten years subject to many caveats. The recent COP21 summit in Paris made no legally binding targets to ensure the decline of fossil fuel use. Both UK government and the climate summit paid far too much attention to the corporations and too little to social movements.

Ditch Coal highlights the human suffering and damage to biodiversity caused by our reliance on coal. It tells of the front line communities fighting for social justice, explains the links between banks and coal financing and reveals the truth about British mining companies acting abroad.

Read the report and find out exactly how our electricity is being produced and who is behind the destruction. Join the Coal Action Network to fight with front-line communities and to close coal power stations now!