Government removes £1 billion support for White Rose
December 5, 2015

On 26th November 2015 the Government announced that it would no longer be offering £1 billion in a competition to help commercialize technology for capturing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and storing it. This process is called carbon capture and storage (CCS). This affects two projects, one for gas at Peterhead in Aberdeenshire and the coal and biomass fuelled White Rose Project adjacent to the existing Drax power station.

This is the second big blow to the consortium, Capture Power, who are behind the White Rose CCS project. Two months previously Drax pulled out of the consortium, with Alstom and BOC who are behind the initiative. Drax runs the a coal and biomass power station adjacent to the site where White Rose could be built.

White Rose, if it were to go ahead, would be the first new coal power station to be built in a long time. Although these two developments will dramatically affect the project they may not yet cause the project to be abandoned.

If built the power station would require more fuel to produce the same amount of energy, compared to a conventional power stations as the oxy-fuel combustion is energy intensive. This would worsen the situation for communities living in the fuel supply chain.