Contradictory Opencast Coal
October 20, 2015

Banks have submitted their application to mine near to Druridge Bay, Northumberland tourist spot in the same week that Celtic Energy announces that they are going to mothball their Selar opencast coal mine in South Wales as it is uneconomic.

The two pieces of information show that although there has been a significant reduction in the amount of coal mined in this country and coal companies are failing, applications are still being submitted.

There are a growing number of sites approved for opencast where mining has not started because of the low international coal price.

Banks should quit whilst they are ahead and withdraw this application and leave the community in peace.

Celtic Energy are owned by a holding company based in the British Virgin Islands, a well known tax haven. A 2014 government report, Research into the failure to restore opencast coal sites in south Wales highlights the risks that sites will be left unrestored. CAN believe that Celtic Energy has no intention of re-opening the mine and hopes that by saying they have mothballed it they can simply walk away leaving it an unrestored eyesore.

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