Community say ‘No’ to Hilltop Project
July 30, 2015

Protest-Presentation web

Supporters of Hilltop Action Group today (29/7/15) met at Derbyshire County Council Offices in Matlock to present a petition to the Council.

Norman Humprhys organised a team of volunteers at the end of 2014 to canvass all the houses within 1km of the proposed Hilltop Opencast site. They did a sterling job in often terrible weather and collected over 1600 signatures – very few refused to sign.

Cllr Dean Collins ((Highways, Transport and Infrastructure) met us on the front steps to receive the petition from Norman.


This petition, along with well over 200 letters of objection already submitted by local residents to the planning authority, demonstrates the strength of local opposition to the proposed scheme.

Taken from the Hilltop Action Group Website. Check it out for more information. Well done to them for collecting the petition signatures.

We are still waiting to hear when the application will be put before the planning committee for a decision, but anticipate it will be sometime this autumn.Planning Committee meetings are scheduled for:

  • Monday 7 September
  • Monday 5 October
  • Monday 9 November

The committee are likely to make a site visit in the morning with the formal meeting in the afternoon at Derbyshire County Council offices in Matlock.

We will probably only get a few days notice of the meeting so will have to move quickly to get everyone organised. A representative sample of objectors will be invited to address the meeting (three minutes each).

We want as many as possible to attend the meeting so that councillors on the Planning Committee are aware of the strength of local opposition when they make their decision.

Make a note of these dates and try to keep them free so that you can be there.