An overview of coal in the UK
May 30, 2015

rtpInterested in an over view of Coal in the UK? Just been at Reclaim the Power?

Download our Coal in the UK fact sheet and Biofuel Watch’s White Rose Factsheet.

Follow these links to the films related to the sessions
Take Back the Land Scottish Coal Action Camp 2012
Wake up call – Gaia Animation
Condemned – About coal mining in Russia for coal some of which comes to the UK
Hambacher Forest Download from here.

36.4 % of our electricity came from coal in 2013, more than from any other source.

There are currently 12 active UK power stations, only Longannet in Scotland and Ferrybridge have closure plans. EU directives on air pollution may close some of these plants. We need to make sure they all close. Aberthaw Power station in Wales, is breaking the current air pollution limits and the government is being taken to the European Court over this. Now is the time to act to secure closure dates for all coal power.

There are currently 26 opencast mines in the UK. There are three significant sized deep mines, these are all due to close by Summer 2016. There are still new coal mine applications in the planning system.

Links to organisations mentioned at RtP
Corporate Watch
Hambacher Forst
London Mining Network
Yes to Life, No to Mining

If you are interested in going to the Ende Gelande, action camp against coal in the Rhineland and in protest to the COP talks in December, check out their website and let us know if you are interested in travelling there with other people on a bus with

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