Druridge Scoping Report
January 8, 2015

DSCF6015Mining company Banks have released their scoping report for the site they call Highthorn, at Widdrington, Northumberland. The site lies between the village and the beach close to Druridge Bay. The scoping report includes changes in their plans. These changes include the time between the proposed start of operations in 2016 to the completion of restoration being reduced from 13 years to between eight and ten years, and the removal of 114 hectares to the east of Widdrington village from the study area being considered for the scheme. The application is expected in late spring this year.

The report can be seen on their website.

The company have a  Banks have organised a ” Workshop” at the Widdrington Station Community Centre on the 19th January 2015. The company would like you to pre-register before attending. This can be done via or 0844 209 1515 (local rate call from a BT landline). This gives a good opportunity for members of the local community to hear the best the area could get, if the mining were to take place, and ignores the best the community currently has with its existing natural amenities and without dirty opencast mining. It is also a chance to tell the company what you think of their proposals. There will be other community workshops to follow.

Northumberland County Council have are proposing a revision to the Core Strategy and have issued a Full draft Plan which happens to coincide with the issue of banks Scoping document.   This can be found at   There is no surprise to see that the Druridge Bay constraint area map is no longer included.

The final Northumberland Core Strategy, will provide the planning policies that will:

  • guide where future development takes place up to 2031
  • guide how proposals for new developments will be assessed
  • provide the policies to help protect Northumberland’s environment
  • set out the general scale and distribution of new development