Duridge Bay Application Reduced
December 26, 2014

Banks Mining have announced a reduction in the size of their application to mine coal at Highthorn close to Druridge Bay, Northumberland.

International Protest Against Banks Plans

The news this week in The Chronicle says ‘The company has now submitted a scoping report to Northumberland County Council in which it has reduced the area it proposes to mine a second time – by over 100 hectares – and the time it seeks to work there – by three to five years.’ The original plan was to mine around 7 million tonnes from 1,700 acres. To see the full article see here.

Whilst any reduction in coaling is welcome, campaigns to stop the application completely will continue. The local campaign website can be found here.

As part of the Dirty Coal Tour in October 2014 visitors from Colombia and Indonesia visited the proposed site and surrounding areas. The visitors came from communities affected by coal, this has meant forced evictions and displacement in Colombia as well as damaging the health of the local populations. This coal is exported, some of it coming to British Power Stations.