Success Against North East Mine
July 30, 2014

Well done to all those who fought UK Coal in their application to extract more than 1 million tonnes of coal and 175,000 tonnes of fireclay from a site at Marley Hill which straddles both Gateshead and Co. Durham.

The situation was not looking good for the local community after Gateshead council agreed the application earlier this month (July 2014). However, both councils had to accept the application as the site would have run into Durham council area as well.

Today Durham council refused the application, saving local people from 89 HGVs a day, at the peak, going in and out of the site. Local Councillor Olga Milburn said incoming HGVs would have to pass two schools and the entrance to Beamish Museum to get to the opencast and added: “The movement of lorries through Stanley has the potential to seriously disrupt the lives of residents.” Councillor Carl Marshall: “It’s a gorgeous part of the world and it’s fine as it is. The community don’t want it and as far as I am concerned, the only people who are going to benefit are UK Coal.” (From The Northern Echo)

The officer recommended approval, but 10 of 12 councillors voted against this and rejected the application.

Good work to all those who fought this application for a second time and thank you to the councillors who rejected the application.