Signatures needed
July 9, 2014

bebsideCan you help local residents resisting an application from UK Coal to extract coal from 159 Hectares of land near Bebside village?

Residents are collecting petition signatures to submit to Northumberland County council against the application. Please sign their petition on their excellent website

UK Coal pulled out of their application to mine in the south of Northumberland last month. Lets help them to realise that Bebside is also a no go area for them.

This is the second time this site  has seen a planning application for coal extraction. Last time round a government inspector associated with the appeal in 1998 said

‘I consider that the Neolithic Henge and Curvilinear Enclosure or Crop Mark at the N. end of the site would normally be regarded as an ancient monument.’

This former coal mining village also has the  humble and peaceful St. Mary’s Church (a listed building) has overlooked the green pastures of Bebside since it was built in the 12th century if the opencast goes ahead, it will be at risk from blast damage and subsidence, as well as facing the prospect of being bordered by a 10 metre prison of earth for five years.

Locally people fully understand the implications of living next to an active opencast mine and that the promised jobs wont be for local people.

Help the local campaigners by publicising their fight and signing their petition.