Object to Diglake Opencast
March 18, 2014

DiglakememorialUK Coal has applied to Staffordshire Council for planning permission to extract 450,000 tonnes of coal and fireclay from Bignall End, Newcastle under Lyme. Campaign Against Great Oak Opencast are asking that concerned parties write letters of objection to the case officer Graham Allen citing application number N.14/03/2013 M.

CAGOO have been fighting the application from the start. If it were given the go ahead a massive hole would be dug over the bodies of the remaining victims of the 1895 flooding disaster at Diglake Colliery where only some of the bodies of the 78 men and boys killed in the mine were recovered.

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Death lurks on ev’ry hand, on sea and on land,

Waiting to strike its victims down,

But oft when least expected it stretches forth its hand

Causing misery and pain around –

Sad news, alas we hear, from Audley in Staffordshire,

Where many poor colliers lost their lives.

They went to work that day, with spirits light and gay,

And left behind their children and their wives.

From ‘Lines On The Terrible Disaster at Audley, North Staffordshire (Anon, 1895)’