Defending Huntington Lane: Update from the Wrekin
May 21, 2010

huntingtonlaneOn the 12th March a new site was set up near Telford, Shropshire, opposing one of UK Coal’s latest mines. The 900,000 tonnes of coal due to be excavated will have devastating effects on one of the most valuable areas of ancient woodland in the borough. The 230 acre site due to be excavated eats into the “Shropshire Hills area of Outstanding Beauty”.

The open cast will create three years of noise and dust for local residents and will release a minimum of 2,430,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The site is going strong and is yet to receive an eviction order. Most of the trees on site have been felled already but there is a lot of potential for tunnel digging; in some parts of the site the water table is below the height of excavation! There is a strong local campaign and most people living there are new to protest sites. They would welcome visitors, especially those who have site or direct action experience so get down there soon!

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  1. Uk Coal have issued a warning this weekend in the local Shropshire Star evening paper, that theyare “preparing legal papers” to evict those at Huntington Lane camp ” sonner rather than later” as they intend to be on site and working by the Autumn.
    Telford and Wrekin Council Environmental Officer confirmed that by the end of August, an Environmental Permit will be issued, giving the go ahead to begin working the site.
    Uk Coal expect those at the camp to leave peacefully,and if not a National EvictionTeam will moive in to evict by force.
    This is another ALL OUT Call to anyone who can help defendhuntingtonlane,there are tents in place on site ,and reserves for those who can come but have no shelter, and donations of Tarps, tinned food, funds, are always welcome – and now all the more important, but people matter most to stop the coming eviction.
    UK Coal declare ” we are committed as ever to strting work on this site as soon as possible”.
    UK Coal spokesman Stuart Oliver continues “Northumberland and Durham mines are both significantly larger sites than Telford, and there has ben no protests or campaigns there”.
    Join the defence of a beautiful part of Britain.
    Thank you.