EON Face Off begins with 72Hrs of Action
December 15, 2008
Coal is a big part of British history and but with our new understanding of climate change we know it cant play a role in our future. Not only does coal power make achiving the govornments climate change goals an impossiblity, it also badly undermines the UK’s credebility at international negotiations. If the developed world can’t show willing to stop using the most polluting form of power known to man then how exactly are we to convince Asia to jump on board an international agreement.

It is quite clear that for the country and for the world, we must stop coal in the UK. For that reason the Camp for Climate Action has it’s sights on energy giant EON which plans the first new coal plant in over 30 years; boldly leading the UK energy sector back to the stone age… we will not let in happen!

We have a simple message to deliver: EON FOFF!

To deliver this message 48Hrs of action was called, being sneeky we extended this to 72Hrs.  During those first 48Hrs EON was targeted at:

  • London, EON’s PR partners at FA Headqauters
  • Brighton, EON fianciers RBS
  • Norwich, EON Spoof Stall
  • Coventry , EON HQ
Univ. Coventry People and Planet

Univ. Coventry People and Planet

Coventry people and planet visited EON’s HQ and made an extremely musical appearence, with lost of sweet singing and subversive lyrics. Very nicely done.

  • London, EON Pall Mall offices.
  • Bristol, EON Street Party.
  • Nottingham, EON offices.
People and Planet at EON Offices in Nottingham
Nottingham students protest and flyer, letting people know just what there friendly power company get up to when not actively screwing people out of money in this oligopolistic energy market we have.
After all this action was over EON breathed an understandable sigh of relief, took down the fencing outside there HQ and tried to get on with building more coal plants. Unfortunately for them, we extended this 48Hrs thing to 72Hrs and it all got very interesting.
Members of the camp for climate action from around the country turned up dressed as Santa and proceeded to invade the offices, handing out coal to eon members of staff along with reports on how the energy gap can be filled using waste heat and renewables.

The main doors where also scalled  and sealed shut with the use of superglue and brave activists!  Despite being whistfully dressed as Santa, we did have a messge to deliver, so here is one of our number doing an interview dressed as Santa talking very seriously to the local bbc news station (video).